We started operations in Slovakia in 2012. As a fairly new operation, the office in Bratislava acts as an extension of our capabilities across eastern Europe.

Currently, AECOM in Slovakia focuses on the delivery of comprehensive infrastructure services as exemplified by our work on the extension of Slovakia’s longest motorway.

After Poland joined the EU, Poland and Slovakia teamed up to replace the DK69 national road with a new international expressway capable of handling trans-boundary traffic. AECOM was commissioned to manage a 27 kilometre section of the new network.

The S69 expressway is now part of the European Transport Corridor linking Poland’s Upper-Silesian Industrial region with Bratislava, and creating a strong connection between the two countries. The route is considered important to both Poland and Slovakia’s development.

The work we have now undertaken in Slovakia on the D1 motorway is a natural extension of the work completed in Poland. AECOM’s Polish and Slovakian teams are working together on the D1 motorway, blending local knowledge and international expertise. Beginning in Bratislava, near the border with Austria, the motorway will extend to the Ukrainian border in the east upon completion. It is our first project on behalf of Slovakia’s national highways agency.

As the country continues to see positive growth over the next decade, AECOM will continue to grow and expand providing comprehensive services on a local level with support from its global network of professionals and experts.

Representative Services:

Transportation: Construction supervision, construction management, health and safety services.